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Welcome to our "St. Joseph School: Students, Alumni & Friends" page.  We are excited to share with you news, events and memories of our beloved, 89-year-old Saint Joseph School!

Local Developer Bob Scinto Visits St. Joseph School, Sponsors Scholarship Program

Bob Scinto, well-known real estate developer and business leader in Shelton, toured St.Joseph School on Coram Avenue (Pre-K through 8th grade), to meet with faculty and students.

Due to a grant from Mr. Bob Scinto, 35 Bob Scinto Scholarships, each worth $2,000, are being given to new students registering in St. Joseph Elementary School for the 2016-17 school year.

Mr. Scinto said he stands comfortably by his decision to provide St. Joseph’s with 35 scholarships.


“It’s important to make good investments. This is the best investment I can make,” said Scinto.

Mr. Scinto toured the school and engaged with students in several classrooms. As he shook each child’s hand, he gently instructed some of the younger children which hand to use, and to look him in the eye when they shook his hand.

He also gave the students personal advice based on his own career.

“Your ability to solve problems is what makes you a successful person,” Mr. Scinto said.

The students were excited to meet Mr. Scinto. One pre-K student invited him to lunch, another student asked him to attend the school’s large “Spring Concert” taking place that evening, and one fourth-grade girl enthusiastically spoke out and thanked him for what he’s done for the school.

Mr. Scinto asked a number of the students, “What do you like best about this school?”

Some answered with the quality of education, others commented on the comradery within the school, and others exclaimed that the teachers made a difference.  

Mr. Scinto said before leaving how much he enjoyed his visit.

“I love talking to kids like you. When I look into your eyes, I see myself at your age; and when you look into my eyes, perhaps you may see yourself someday at my age!”

For a tour or more information about St. Joseph’s School, contact Principal Stephen Anderson at (203) 924-4669 or Director of Enrollment Angela Mantero at (203) 331-6834.

Click here to read the entire article from the Shelton Herald


Bishop announces new, $70,000 'Bob Scinto Scholarship' program; applauds 'renaissance' at St. Joseph School!

35 Scinto Scholarships, the Bishop's Scholarship Fund, and Parish scholarships still available for next year's students

Mr. Bob Scinto

Bishop Frank Caggiano of the Diocese of Bridgeport attended a special meeting Tuesday evening, April 5, at 6:30 p.m. at St. Joseph Church to discuss the promising future of St. Joseph Catholic School. Current school parents, parents of prospective students, plus alumni, friends and  parishioners of St. Joseph Parish were all invited to listen to his direct, hopeful presentation and asked a broad range of questions afterwards. Mr. Steve Anderson, principal, and Msgr. Chris Walsh, pastor, also addressed the crowd of about 200 attendees.

At the meeting Bishop Caggiano made the surprise announcement of a brand new scholarship program, worth $70,000. Due to a generous grant from Mr. Bob Scinto, well-known real estate developer and business leader in Shelton, thirty-five Bob Scinto Scholarships,  each worth $2,000,  are available to new students registering in St. Joseph School for the 2016-17 school year. This particular scholarship program is only available to St. Joseph School students and includes new students in Grades K-8 whose older siblings already attend the school.

Bishop Caggiano personally voiced his strong support for the renaissance taking place at St. Joseph School, summed up in its new motto: "Fiercely Academic, Fully Catholic." Under Principal Steve Anderson's leadership over the past two years, average class scores on national educational achievement tests have jumped to two grades and more above grade level. In fact, as Mr. Anderson proudly announced at the meeting, the latest "Terra Nova" nationally-normed test scores showed the average reading level for the current seventh-grade class has reached the amazing level of senior-year high school to first-year college! 

In addition, eighth-grade graduates have received scholarships to some of the best private high schools in the area, including St. Joseph H.S. and Sacred Heart Academy. And St. Joseph School, as Msgr. Chris Walsh pointed out  the meeting, is the only Catholic school in the northeast corner of Fairfield County offering quality Catholic education at an affordable tuition to a multicultural, racially and ethnically diverse student body, including whites, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians, spanning all socio-economic backgrounds. "We are the only school in our area, public or private, where students learn in a social environment that mirrors almost exactly the current make-up of 21st century America."

The Bishop concluded by expressing his hope is that all parents, parishioners and friends will to become his ambassadors in promoting the good news about what is happening at St. Joseph School! He asked for the help of his listeners in identifying prospective students who will benefit from the education St. Joseph’s School has offered for 89 years. And specifically, Bishop Caggiano challenged current school parents and others to grow  enrollment for next year to 135 students, new and returning, registered by May 1.

Check out all the exciting scholarship opportunities, including the new Bob Scinto Scholarship program, the $3 million Bishop's Scholarship Fund (funds still available for new students), the Guardian Angels Fund (financial aid available for both new and current students who are registered parishioners of St. Joseph Parish), and other funds to be distributed by our School Tuition Assistance Committee.

[N.B. All scholarships require completion online of the "F.A.C.T.S. Financial Need Assessment" at Confidential assistance with completing the F.A.C.T.S. form, both in English and Spanish, is available upon request through the school and parish.]

For more info or to schedule a tour of our school, contact Angela Mantero, our new Director of Enrollment, at 203-331-6834 or Also check out the St. Joseph School website at or call the school directly at 203-924-4669. Our goal is to make quality Catholic education available for every Catholic family in the Valley!

Click here for more information on the Bishop's Scholarship Fund.
Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre el Fondo de Becas del Obispo.



Our Mission

St. Joseph School is committed to offering a family-centered, personal learning experience based on Christian faith and Catholic teaching, the highest standards of academic excellence, and the moral values of responsibility, discipline and respect for self and others.

An Investment for LifeVisit the Official St. Joseph Catholic School web site.

Students at St. Joseph Catholic School are challenged not only to reach their fullest intellectual, artistic and physical potential, but also to share their gifts through service and stewardship. They not only study religion in class, but also practice it by participating in school and class Masses, completing service projects, and striving to be recognized for living the "Gospel value of the month."  A Catholic education is truly an investment in the children who will one day be leaders in our community and active members of our Church!

St. Joseph Parish has generously supported the mission and work of St. Joseph School since 1927 and is proud to continue doing so today. It is committed to assisting all parishioners to obtain a Catholic education for their children by maintaining the Guardian Angels Scholarship Fund. The parish also sponsors the St. Joseph School Alumni Association which builds contacts with and encourages donations from the over 2,000 living alumni of our school found across the United States.



St. Joseph School Year In Review 2014-2015


The St. Joseph School Home School Association has put together a short slideshow presentation showcasing the many events that have taken place over the 2014-2015 school year.  Click here to view this presentation. See you in September!


New $1.5 M Bishop's Scholarship Fund 'made to order' for St. Joseph families



A new, multi-million dollar Bishop's Scholarship Fund will offer scholarships to many more Catholic families who presently find themselves "squeezed out" of being able to afford a Catholic education for two, three or more children. As Monsignor Chris explained it at a recent meeting of the St. Joseph Home School Association, this Fund is "made to order for many parents of St. Joseph School. It will target middle-class, Catholic parents with multiple children who do not otherwise have the financial means" to afford to send their children to St. Joseph School.

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano introduced plans for launching the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund that will substantially create a new financial model for diocesan assistance to schools before a gathering of almost 200 Catholic school principals, pastors and administrative staff at the Catholic Center on November 19.

“This is a significant, perhaps historic moment in the life of our schools,” he said, as he rolled out the plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of Catholic education in the diocese. “This is a time to look at structural reform to move forward.”

The diocese educates more than 9,000 students in its 35 (five high schools, 29 elementary schools, and one center for early childhood excellence) Catholic schools in grades Pre-K-12 throughout Fairfield County.


Read more about the Bishop's Scholarship Fund on the Diocese of Bridgeport website: click here.

For FAQs on the Bishop's new scholarship fund, visit the Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools website: click here.



"Come Home Again" -- 1940's Graduates Attend Reunion Celebration Mass & Reception on Rectory Porch


Graduates of St. Joseph School 1940 to 1949 attended a reunion celebration at the 9:00 AM Mass on September 28, 2014.  After the special Mass, there was a reception on the Rectory porch.  Below are some pictures from the Mass and Reception.  Memories that shine bright!

1st row-L to R  Ralph "Buddy" Boland 46' -Bob Walsh 47' -Alice Bablonka Weir 47' - Mary Rosen Stevens 47' - 2nd row- L to R Regina Ellsworth Denice 42' -Gene Davis 47' -Rose Zeghibe Baccash 45' - 3rd row- L to R  Fran Yoia Poeta 42' -Charlie Zeghibe 47' -Charlotte Lachowksi Szabo 42' - 4th row-L to R Betty Pagano, rep., husband Frank 47' & Fred 47' -Jean Far 45' -Johh Hollo 48' -Jane McGrath Gaynor 43' -Dan Brandon 45' -last row L to R  Alyce Cremin Block 45' -Eddy Manion 45' -Ginny Brennan 43' -Claire Skelly Fisher 45' -Jo-Ann DiPaolo Severine 49' -Suzanne Holland Cacchillo 49' -Moe Martin 48'
Left to right At class mass -Lou & Charlotte Szabo 42'     Charlie 47' Amelia & Rose 45' Zeghibe, Bob 47' & Joan Walsh, Moe Martin 48'
Alumni Executive Cmte. L to R  Ronnie Sabo 68' -Mary Ann Reilly Miller 67' -Marion Fisher Prete 68' -Laurie Casalveri 74' - Sue Evans -74'  2nd pic L to R Giny Brennan, Sue Evans & Eddy Manion

1940's grads enjoying time together with Exec. Alumni Committee chair, Sue Evans



This beautiful, original artwork, entitled "Jesus Welcomes the Children," was painted by professional artist and St. Joseph parishioner Armando Palumbo. He donated it last year to St.
 Joseph School where it hangs in the entrance lobby, a moving, life-size reminder of what is the basic philosophy and who is the true Teacher at St. Joseph School.





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